Do I have to pay again to activate Premium, if I’ve already purchased Sleep Cycle?

No. Everyone who has purchased Sleep Cycle before will get the Premium features for free, except for Online backup which will remain a subscription service. If you have an existing SleepSecure account, you can use this to login to our Online backup service.
If you are on iOS, there should be no padlock next to the heading ‘Premium Features’. Note that online back-up is not included in Premium features for users who bought the app previous to version 5.0.

There's two possible scenarios, follow the appropriate :
1. Settings - Premium - Purchased Sleep Cycle before? - Yes - If you have an online account registered, log in with those credentials and all features will be unlocked.
2. Settings - Premium - Already a subscriber? - Cannot access account - Restore purchase? - restore your purchase and you will be able to create a new account.
If you are on Android, start Sleep Cycle and go to the “Trends” tab. Click the “I have already paid for Sleep Cycle” link at the bottom. Fill in the order number from the previous purchase of Sleep Cycle. You’ll find the order number in the receipt Google Play sent to you at the time of the purchase.

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