Introduction - First night using Sleep Cycle

Congratulations on taking your first step towards better sleep. With Sleep Cycle, you will have a fully integrated sleep app that has a Smart Alarm, Sleep Tracker with Statistics, and Sleep Aid to create the perfect setting for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep, track what happens during your sleep and wake you up gently in the lightest possible sleep state. This is what happens your first night using Sleep Cycle: 

  • Activate your microphone - this allows your device to analyze your sleep based on your motion and sounds. 
  • You can choose to record a few sound clips or simply skip this part 
  • Activate push notices - simple reminders for your sleep routines

Get started and set the Smart Alarm for your first night’s sleep with Sleep Cycle 

If you need a more thorough guide about features and functions in the Sleep Cycle app, check this guide.

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