How does Sleep goal work anyway?

Our Sleep goal feature is designed to enhance your sleep quality and contribute to your overall health and well-being through the establishment of a consistent sleep routine. It empowers you to set a target bedtime and wake-up time, enabling you to tailor your sleep schedule to your preferences.


Here’s how you activate it -

Navigate to the Profile tab. Select Sleep goal. At the top right, you’ll see a small pen marker icon. Tap on that. You can now turn Sleep goal on (or off, if it’s already on and you’ve just about had it with that feature).


Pick which days you want your Sleep goal to be active. Typically, Mondays to Fridays but maybe not weekends, though if you want to be _really_ consistent, you should go for weekends too but hey, you gotta live a little too, right? Pick your bedtime and your wake-up time and a reminder, and you’re good to go.

If you want to be real Sleep goal savvy, there’s also the option to pick a Bedtime routine instead of the reminder. If you do that, we’ll activate a wind down and prepare for bed-guide, which begins two hours before your Sleep goal. It’s quite neat. We recommend it.


Don’t know if you have a Sleep goal? Check your Sleep tab. If you got a green bullseye right next to your time wake-up window, you got a Sleep goal.


Wanna know more about all this? We got great content. Right here.

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