How to enable and use Sleep Aid

Within the ‘Sleep’ tab, where you set the alarm, there’s a button at the top in the center of the screen that says ‘Sleep Aid’. Press that button, and you enter our Sleep Aid world where you can browse and play Sleep Aid content. Some of the content is available to all our users, and some of the content is for subscribers only.

Next to the Sleep Aid button is a Play button. If you press this, we play your last played Sleep Aid session. If this is a new experience for you, we play this week’s Featured Sleep Aid content.

If you want to set up a pre-defined time frame for your Sleep Aid sounds, you go to: 

  • Profile tab > Premium > Sleep Aid > Set time frame for Sleep Aid Sound (between 10- 90 minutes). 

If you use Sleep Cycle in accelerometer mode, there’s an intelligent feature that fades out the Sleep Aid sound automatically as you fall asleep, or allows you to run it all night, if you want to.

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