The alarm always goes off at the end of the time! Why?

iPhone and Android

If Sleep Cycle can’t wake you up when you are in light sleep, it will be forced to wake you up at the end of the wake-up window.

Let's say you have set the alarm to wake you between 7:15 am and 7:45 am. 

At 7:10 am, you are almost awake, but then slip into a new sleep cycle just before the start of your wake-up phase and thus you are in deep sleep at 7:35 am.

The app has to set off the alarm by 7:45, as that's the selected wake-up window. To avoid the alarm not going off at all, it will then have to wake you up when you are in deep sleep, because the wake-up window didn't time well with your current sleep cycle for that hour.

This can happen, and if this happens to you often, test another wake-up window, shorter or longer!

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