What is the Smart Alarm Clock?

Your movements while you sleep vary with each sleep phase. Sleep Cycle uses patented sound detection analysis to identify sleep phases by tracking movements in bed. Sleep Cycle then wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase, using a predefined wake-up 30-minute alarm window, which you control. This way, you will feel rested and refreshed when you wake up, ready for the day (check more about it in this article)

Set Smart Alarm by accessing the Sleep tab on the app’s landing page. Swipe left (and keep swiping) for three alarm clock options: 

  1. Smart Alarm with wake-up window and Sleep Tracking
  2. No wake-up window, only an alarm that will go off at exactly the time you set
  3. No alarm, but only sleep tracking activated, so you can still analyze your sleep. 

Setting your wake-up window: 

Go to the Profile tab, then go to:  > Settings > Wake-up phase. 

Sleep Cycle typically recommends a window of 30 minutes, however you can choose a wake-up phase between 10 minutes and 45 minutes. 

Snooze settings for Smart Alarm: 

Double-tap near the phone while using the microphone, or on the phone for the accelerometer setting. You can also snooze by picking up the phone. 

Choosing ‘Snooze’ settings: 

Go to the Profile tab, then go to: >Settings> More > Alarm > Snooze.

Check out more information on Smart Alarm here. 

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