How does the app calculate Sleep Quality?

Sleep Cycle measures Sleep quality based on four measurements:

  1. Amount of time spent in bed.
    Amount of time spent in deep sleep.
    The frequency of motion and intensity for each movement
    Amount of times when the app registered you as fully awake.

The combination of these four gives you your personal sleep quality score. Please note that sleep quality is highly personal and calculated based on your own personal sleep data. Sleep Quality will be calibrated the first night using Sleep Cycle, and the value will be more accurate over time.

If you are an iOS user and interested in learning more, you can find more information by activating your raw sleep data. Go to: 

  •   The Profile tab > Scroll down to …More > Statistics > Show raw data > Choose ‘On’

Your raw data is on display in the Trend views (within the Statistics tab within the ‘All’ and ‘Months’ sections).

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