How do I enable Sleep notes or Wake up mood?

iPhone and Android

Sleep notes:

With Sleep notes you can find correlations between your daily activities and resulting sleep quality and sleep patterns (yes, your daytime habits and lifestyle affect your sleep). 

To enable Sleep notes, go to: 

  • Profile tab > Scroll down to Premium > Sleep Notes > Choose ‘Show’ 
  • From here, you can also choose to edit sleep notes.

Sleep cycle will now ask you to choose your sleep notes each night before starting the alarm.


Wake up mood:

This feature lets you see correlations between your sleep quality and your wake-up mood. To enable this feature, go to: 

  • Profile tab > Scroll down to Premium > Wake-up mood > Choose ‘On’. 

Upon wake-up and straight after the alarm has been turned off, you will be asked to document your wake-up mood.

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