About Sleep Tracking

Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Tracker

Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns, movements and sounds through sound detection (microphone) or through motion (accelerometer). Your sleep analysis will show you: 

  • Sleep Quality - We’ll calculate your sleep quality and give you a score each morning which you can track over time. 
  • Sleep recordings - Sound detection picks up snoring, coughing, a noisy partner and so on, letting you see (and hear) what’s impacting your sleep. 
  • Sleep Phases - You’ll receive a nightly analysis showing you what times you move from deep sleep to light sleep to fully awake.
  • Sleep Duration - Sleep Cycle will monitor how long you’ve slept, how long it took you to fall asleep and total time slept. 

There are many more measurements presented in easy-to-read reports and graphs as you begin tracking your sleep. Check out more information on our Sleep Tracker here

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