How does ‘Who’s Snoring?’ work?

Sleep Cycle's new feature ‘Who’s Snoring?’ knows if it's you or your partner snoring. With a bit of input from you as a user and a little bit of time for the machine learning algorithm,  you will now know for a fact the snores that belong to you, or those that belong to your partner. 

In order to use this feature you need to be a Premium subscription holder. 

This feature is only available for iOS users at this point in time 


How do I activate the ‘Who’s Snoring?’ feature?

1. Activate Snore Detection: Go to the Profile tab > Scroll down to Premium > Select Who’s Snoring and choose On.

2. Enable Microphone for Motion Detection: Make sure the microphone is used for motion detection; otherwise, the app won’t be able to record sounds.

3. Configure Sound Detection: Go to Profile > More > Sound Detection. Choose one of the following options: 20 nights, 100 nights, or Forever.

4. Review Recorded Sounds: When a sound is recorded, find it in your Journal tab by scrolling down. Click on the sound, then click the button with a small magnifying glass to the left. Select either Who’s Snoring (Me) or Who’s Snoring (Not Me) as a label depending on the sound. 

It may take a few nights for the app to start detecting and learning your patterns, but once it does, it will begin to automatically recognize them.


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Want to learn more about ‘Who’s Snoring?’ and Maria who contributed to the machine learning algorithm (the engine that drives this new feature) ? Read more here.

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