I haven't received my gift card or voucher

Gift cards and vouchers are displayed directly in the app after the purchase.
To find the vouchers open the app > go to the Profile tab and click on the gift symbol at the top right corner > Here you will find the vouchers and share them directly from the app!

**Contact us** - can’t find it? Then reach out to our excellent support team. You’ll want to do the following first, though -

In the Sleep Cycle app, go to Profile > More > Account. Take a screenshot of that screen.

Find a copy of your purchase receipt - a screenshot, an e-mail confirmation, whatever you have that is receipt-ish enough.

Send all this good stuff to support@sleepcycle.com.


Don’t know how to capture a screen shot on your phone? Don’t worry. Simultaneously press the "Side" (or "Power") button and the "Volume Up" button, then quickly release both buttons. Bam. You just got yourself a lovely little screenshot. 

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