I have an iPhone and get flatlines or crashes.

Oh, that’s nasty. You getting a flatline graph in your sleep graph, or even worse, Sleep Cycle just crashes while you’re sleeping? That, also, is a flatline.


We recommend you troubleshoot this first, before you reach out to us, since most of the time, you can fix this yourself.


Don’t use other apps while you’re using Sleep Cycle. Including podcasts, YouTube and such things. They might block the microphone and as a consequence, our analysis. You’ll get a flatline or perhaps even a crash, as a result. Shut down all other apps and try again.


Disconnect your Bluetooth gadgets. That’ll block the microphone and speaker. You’re supposed to be sleeping, not connect yourself to gadgets. So disconnect and try again. But wait, one exception - if you’re using a wearable, such as the Apple Watch, you can still do that. They’re the exception.


Check your storage. When iPhones have less than 5 GB of free storage, they might crash. There’s just no space left for the poor thing to work with. So free up space, delete things you don’t need or use, and try again.


If you’re using the accelerometer to analyse your sleep, and keep your phone on the nightstand, you’ll get a flatline. The phone can’t pick up your movements if it’s not in your bed.


If you tried all of the above and you’re still getting flatlines or crashes, talk to us at support@sleepcycle.com and we’ll help you from there.

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