How do I transfer sleep data between devices?

At times, you may need to transfer your sleep data to a new device (for example, when you’ve bought a new phone). You can also change between platforms (if you’re moving from an iPhone to an Android phone or vice versa.) 

Please Note: To sync data between different devices you need to have a premium subscription with online backup enabled.

Follow these steps to transfer your data:

  1. Activate Online Backup on your old device. (Go to: Profile > Premium > Online backup > Make sure that it's turned on)
  2. Let Sleep Cycle sync all your sleep sessions. (You can follow the progress on the "Profile" tab).
  3. Once the syncing is done. Log in to your Online backup account on your new phone. The synching should start immediately.


If your data isn't synced even tho all the steps above are followed you can try this: 

1. Make sure you are signed in to the same account on both devices, to check this go to Profile > More > Account.
2. On your old device with all of your data, sign out and then sign in again and see if that starts the sync.
3. Try signing out and then signing in again on the new phone as well.
4. If that doesn't help either go to Profile > More > Consent and Privacy > Disable all the consents and then enable them again on both of your devices and this should start the sync!




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