Can't access your premium features with an active subscription?

Do you have an active subscription that you can't access? The most common reason to why users can't access a premium subscription is due to creating a new account or being signed in to an account that didn't make the purchase.

Here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

- If you have multiple emails, try requesting a new password or try to sign in with the different emails. Request a new password here: - Note, if you don’t receive an email you most likely don’t have an account with the email you requested the password for. Also don’t forget to check the spam box just in case the email ended up there.

- Did you maybe use Apple’s hide my email feature when you signed up? If so you can only sign in with “Sign in with Apple”.
You can also check if you signed up with Apple sign-in by following these steps on your device: Open your phone's settings and click on your name & picture > Go to iCloud > Hide my email and check if you have an account for Sleep Cycle here.

- If you signed up with Google sign-in you can only sign in with “Google sign in”.


If none of the steps above worked, we would like you to email us the following information in order for us to help you, you can send the information to

1. A printscreen of the receipt from the premium purchase.

2. Did you make the purchase via Apple or Google? If so go to your active subscription and send us a printscreen of the active subscription so we can see that it is active on the Apple or Google account you are signed into on your device.

3. If you have multiple emails, please send us all different emails so we can extra check if there is an account on either one of the emails.




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