How To Cancel a Premium Subscription

We can’t cancel your subscription. Your subscription is tied to your ID with 
Apple or Google. Only you can cancel your subscription.
However, we can guide 
you and show you how it’s done. Please continue, and we’ll have this sorted in no time.

Deleting the app will not cancel your subscription. You can delete the app, but 
the subscription will remain until you do what’s listed below: 


On iPhone 

- Go to your iOS Settings. 

- Find and click on your name. It’s right there, at the top of the page. 

- Once done, click on Subscriptions.

- From this view, you can now cancel and manage your subscriptions.


On Android 

- Open Google Play. 

- Open the main menu. It’s located at the top left corner, the icon with 

three stacked stripes. 

- Click on Subscriptions.  

- Click on Sleep Cycle. 

- From here, you’ll be able to cancel and manage your subscription.

Do you need to claim a refund? Click here

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